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Hotel Policy

Hotel Overview


Check-In - 12:00 Hrs
Check-Out - 11:00 Hrs

Early check - in & late check - out is subject to availability.
For guaranteed early check - in, room to be reserved from the previous night.
For non guaranteed reservations rooms are held subject to availability.
Late check - out charges as applicable and subject to availability.

CHILD POLICY - Guest must declare the number of children & their age during reservation

  1. Below 6 years of age Free on applicable plan sharing parent’s room without an extra bed.

  2. 6 to 10 years of age will be charged in half of applicable rate/s without extra bed.

  3. Above 10 years of age will be charged in full of the applicable rates with extra bed.


  1. As per the Govt. directive; all guests are requested to produce the Valid Government Approved photo identity Card.

  2. PAN Card is not accepted as Proof of Address and proof of Identity.

  3. Valid Passport and Valid Visa for Foreign Nationals upon arrival.

  4. Accommodation can deny if guests posing as couple and may suspect as un-married couple.


All bookings must be guaranteed at the time of reservation by advance deposit through Cash/Cheque/Credit Card or Travel Agency. All major credit cards are accepted. An advance deposit of 50% of the accommodation charges is required to guarantee the booking. The reservation will not be confirmed if the total balance amount is not deposited before 20 days to the arrival date.


If client want to change or delay the reservation, they must contact Hotel Reservation Department before a certain date. All requested changes to reservation or delay are subjected to Hotel Rang Mahal, Jaisalmer’s sole discretion.


  1. If cancelled, 20 days prior to the arrival date/s no retention will be levied.

  2. If cancelled, 03 days prior to the arrival date/s one night’s (first night) retention is levied.

  3. If cancelled, 36 Hours prior to the arrival date/s all the nights or entire stay will be charged/levied.

  4. Amount will be refunded as per above parameters & will be refunded through cheque/online & will not be refunded in cash.


  1. CASH PAYMENT : If you choose to pay with cash, you will be required to pay the full amount of the room, including taxes and fees at the time of checkout. One night advance deposit is required and will be returned to you or settled to your final billing on your departure date.


    1. For Online Reservation:- Rangmahal, Jaisalmer assure a safe and secure credit card transaction. The details of card and transaction will not be shared with anyone except third party service provider.

    2. Payment at Hotel:- Photo - Identity proof is required of the guest whose Debit Card / Credit Card is being is used.

  3. FOREIGN CURRENCY PAYMENT : At the time of checkout if the payment is being done in foreign currency, the payment will be based on conversion rates of the exchange counter of the Hotel Rang Mahal.

  4. CHEQUE PAYMENT : Cheque payments are not accepted at the time of Check-out. However, payment through cheque can be made for booking, if booking is made at least three days before, when banks are operational. Such booking shall be confirmed only when cheque is honoured and money is credited in Hotel’s account.

  5. DEMAND DRAFT PAYMENT : DD in the favour of “Rangmahal, Jaisalmer” is accepted.


Advance deposits for Hotel Rang Mahal can now be made at HDFC Bank in India. Please read the following terms & conditions before making your advance deposits.

Account Name: - Rang Mahal

Account Number: - 50200002952565

Bank Name: - HDFC

NEFT No.:-HDFC0002805

Terms and Conditions
  • This facility is for the convenience of our guests and travel partners who may like to pay in advance.
  • It is recommended to provide us the details of the advance payment deposited along with the scan copy of the deposit slip. Regarding deposited amount, if full information is not provided then the amount will be lost as unidentified and Hotel will not be responsible for the deposit.
  • The advance paid is acceptable only for confirmed reservations, payment made for waitlisted reservations will not be deemed acceptance of either payment or room confirmation.
  • We will accept cheque as advance deposits however, please note that this will be acceptable subject to its realization before check-in. Mere deposit of cheque will not be deemed acceptance of an advance payment.

Maintaining the integrity of room’s furniture arrangement is vital. Furniture, fixtures, artwork, etc. may not be moved or removed. Additional furnishings, including folding tables, may not be added to suites. As many as one extra bed may be added on a daily basis on extra bed charges.

Please note exhibits and displays are not permitted on guest room floors or in the rooms, and signage is not permitted in the corridors, elevator or on doors. Furthermore, taping or affixing of any materials to walls, floors or ceilings is not permitted.

Food and beverage for rooms should be ordered through the Hotel Room Service Department. No outside company or vendor will be permitted to provide items or catering for the rooms. Outside food is not allowed in the rooms or in the hotel premises. Hotel is not held responsible if guests consumes outside food and get adversely affected by the bad quality of outside food.

Please be advised room numbers cannot be pre-assigned or confirmed in advance. You may contact reservations department or front office department for assigning the room on arrival. Guest may ask for their preference of rooms.


The hotel does not provide storage facility other than rooms reserved by the client/guest/company and will not accept liability for any damage incurred to uncollected material. All goods stored will be at the client’s/guest’s/company’s own risk. The hotel is not liable for any damage or loss of goods left in the hotel, prior to, during or after the stay.


All of our guest rooms are equipped with “Do not Disturb” (DND) signs. When the “DND” sign is placed on the door handle and visible on the outside of the door, the staff members will be alerted not to knock or enter the room for any reason. When the “DND” sign is in place, your room will not be serviced.

Management reserves the right to enter in a room even with a known status of “Do Not Disturb” in case of an emergency or if suspected illegal activity is taking place or more than 12 hours have passed and sign of DND is continuing then after giving phone call, if same is not responded then also after knocking the door, entry shall be made.


The Housekeeping Service not 24 hours. that is convenient to the guest up to 8pm. Please alert the front desk, or a housekeeping supervisor, if you would like to schedule service at a particular time. Guests that return after 8pm to find that they left the DND on the door will not be able to have full service of the room, but an attendant will empty garbage and provide new towels and amenities. Should you need further assistance please contact the front desk.


The hotel provides Laundry and Dry Cleaning service. Same-day service is available. If the clothing is received by 8.00 AM, it will be returned that evening by 7.00 Pm. Express Service is available at an additional fee. Please review the provided valet laundry form in your room or contact the front desk for details and rates.


All pets are strictly prohibited on the Hotel property.


If you choose to take advantage of any promotions offered through the hotel, please follow all restrictions associated with each offer. Management reserves the right to change or cancel all promotions at its sole discretion without any notice.


Hotel Rang Mahal enforces a NO IN-ROOM PARTY POLICY to ensure we can protect the hotel and our guests at all times. In the event of a disturbance one warning will be given not to create disturbance in the hotel. If this warning is not followed, the guest will forfeit all charges, payments, taxes and fees and must leave the hotel immediately.


Hotel retains exclusive rights to all display advertising within the Hotel Premises.

Any signage or banners approved by Hotel must be professionally made and may only be hung or posted in the presence of Hotel authority (subject to charge).

No flyers, advertising materials or free samples shall be produced, placed or distributed, without the prior written approval of the Hotel.


Guest shall not be allowed to use or exhibit at any place in any manner any trademark, trade name, or service mark owned or registered by them or the other party, its parent, subsidiaries or affiliates without prior written approval of the Hotel Management.


Guests shall be liable for any damage, except normal wear and tear to Hotel asset. Guest will not, and shall not permit others to, drive nails, tacks, hooks, screws, or other items into any part of the Hotel rooms or Hotel equipment or property. Guest shall keep the Hotel room in a good condition and maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Also in case of events, any damage caused to the hotel by the vendor or the client, the hotel will be claiming the recovery charges from the guest (booker of the event or the company holding the event).

No fire-acts or an act causing threat to human lives is non-permissible in hotel premises.


Hotel is not responsible for any surveillance loss, damage, or theft during your stay or function. Hotel has provided the electronic safety lockers in all the rooms. Guest is requested to keep all their valuables in those lockers.

Should any guests lose personal belongings whilst staying at Hotel Rang Mahal, if recovered, the item will be recorded as 'found'. Hotel Rang Mahal keeps detailed records of all 'found' items, and will make a reasonable effort to contact the guest if an item is left in the hotel's guest room after the guest has checked-out which will be placed in our Lost & Found safety box. We will ship items back at the owner's expense & risk.

Any items in the Lost & Found, which are not claimed within ninety (90) days, will be donated to a local charity or discarded.


Guest shall not be allowed to carry any arms, firearms or ammunition with them within the hotel compound. Even in the name of personal security guard/body guard, guest shall not be allowed to have any arm, firearms, ammunition. If it is found at any point of time that this norm is violated by the Guest or any person accompanying him, shall be taken seriously and the guest and/or the accompanying person shall have to leave the hotel premises immediately settling the bill. This policy is without prejudice to Hotel Management right to immediately report the matter to concerning authorities.


Hotel does not assume liability for any items left unattended in any area of the hotel. Hotel may require security officers for certain occasions. In order to maintain adequate security measures Guest may be required to inform Hotel security personnel as determined by the Hotel Security department.

Hotels consider guest comfort and security as our priority, particularly when faced with today's global security challenges. Advanced security technologies to facilitate safeguarding your security, such as; integrated surveillance systems. As our valued guest, we are committed to creating an environment of security and well-being throughout your stay. Our security personnel patrol the premises 24 hours a day. CCTV cameras are installed strategically in all public areas.

No outside contractors/vendors/ decorators-caterers will be allowed in the hotel premises.


The hotel will report all suspected illegal activity to the appropriate authorities and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone suspected of involvement in such activity. The hotel reserves the right to enter any area of the hotel, including guestrooms, should there be a reason for suspicion of illegal activity or if we suspect our property, staff, or guests are at risk.


Effective 2nd October 2008, the Government has introduced a "No-Smoking" legislation for hotels, restaurants and all public places.

As a consequence, Smoking is prohibited in all public areas of the hotel and in “non-smoking” rooms, including rooms with a balcony.

Smoking is not permitted in any other indoor public space, including: restaurants, lounges where food is served, hotel lobbies, elevators, guest room hallways, meeting and convention areas, and other indoor public spaces.

Smoking is allowed in designated “smoking” areas of the hotel. Should you desire a smoking bedroom, please let us know. We shall endeavour to reserve a smoking bedroom for you, subject to availability.

Chewing of Tobacco, Paan, Paan Masala & Spitting are strictly not allowed for consumption in and around the premises of the hotel. Any damage in any manner will be liable to be charged for.


Guests are prohibited from bringing outside alcohol into the hotel premises for consumption. Any liquor brought into the hotel by guests will be kept at the front desk until checkout.

If you are interested in hosting a Banquet event, please coordinate with our catering manager to have the event held in a private function room. Alcohol must be purchased through the hotel and the sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors and people without proper identification.

Alcoholic beverage service is not allowed below 21 years of age. It is restricted to those 21 years or older with valid identification.


In case of live / DJ music being permissible by law only till 2200 Hours, the volume will be required to be lowered by 2200 Hours (as per Govt. Laws) and stopped by 2230 Hours.

No Loud music is permissible at any of the outdoor venues or after 2200 Hours in our Banquet Halls, lawns, Conference hall & Terrace premises. Please note that usage of Styrofoam/plastic glasses / Gas Balloons is prohibited for any indoor functions.

Only contracted vendors of the hotel i.e. for Sounds, DJ, Orchestra, Photo / Videography or Event management arrangement required by the party will be allowed in the hotel.


If the management of Rangmahal, Jaisalmer has reason to believe that a behaviour of any guest will affect the smooth running of the Hotel Business, its security or reputation the management has right to cancel the stay of the guest without liability.

Guest will at all-time maintain complete discipline and decorum while on our property and in our rooms. Public intoxication will not be tolerated on our property. Guest shall not act in a manner that may disturb other hotel guests. Proper & elegant dress code (even in the swimming pool, a proper costume only is allowed) must be followed, No Running, Shouting, Foul language, Rough housing or Horseplay allowed in any area of the hotel property.

Disrupting the guests’ experience with inappropriate behaviour including harassment, offensive or insulting language or any other means deemed inappropriate by management will result in dismissal from the property in addition to paying for any charges the hotel incurs as a result of the disruption.

The management reserves for itself the absolute right of admission to any person in the hotel premises and to request any guest to vacate the premises at any moment without previous notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, and the guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so. In case of default, the management will be entitled to remove belongings of the guest from the premises occupied by the guest and lock the same.


The Fitness centre is for use to the resident guests over the age of 18 (unless accompanied by an adult) and is at your own risk. It is assumed that patrons know their physical limitations. Proper attire including shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.


Wireless high speed internet access is available from your own laptop or device. This service is available from the guest room or any public areas within the hotel lobby, bars and restaurants. Your device must be equipped with a wireless card and there is a daily charge for the use of the services. Guests are required to contact Reception to collect the wifi-card.


Hotel Rang Mahal is committed to being a leader in environmental stewardship, bringing value to our shareholders and the communities in which we operate. Hotel Rang Mahal

  1. Understands our impact on the environment and implement best practices to promote green environment.
  2. Ensure that environmental responsibility is a priority at all levels of our organization.
  3. Support sound public policy that creates positive environmental change.
  4. Develop and support business partnerships with others who share our passion for the planet.
  5. Never be complacent with our accomplishments, but always strive to do more.
  6. Our comprehensive strategic plan for environmental responsibility is designed to reduce our consumption of the planet’s limited resources. To achieve our sustainability goals, we focus on the following five core areas:
  • Energy and Water

  • Green Building

  • Waste and Recycling

  • Supply Chain

  • Outreach and Education


Rangmahal, Jaisalmer shall not be held responsible for any dispute between local law and client. Therefore, it is advisable to abide by the rules and regulation.


There may be many links on the website. Rangmahal, Jaisalmer is not responsible for any other organization’s travel packages and offers. Client can browse other website at their own risk.


Rangmahal, Jaisalmer possess all the rights to change or modify the terms and conditions without prior notice.


Terms of usage herein is governed and explained in conformity with Indian law. Any dispute shall be under the Jaisalmer, Rajasthan jurisdiction.


We believe in maintaining the privacy of all the information of the guest we have with us and shall be used for our purposes only. However, all the requisite and relevant information of guest of any other nationality/foreigner regarding his/her stay in Hotel, as is required to be shared under the law, applicable time to time, shall be shared with local police/administration, as per rules.


Query form should be filled up correctly. All the information provided by the user should be accurate and relevant. Rangmahal, Jaisalmer is not responsible for any loss and damage caused by the incorrect information.


At , privacy and security of our clients are of utmost importance for us. The details will never be passed-on to any third party, which are provided by our clients. Privacy policy is drafted into three folds, first is collection, second is use and last is protection. Personal information like name of specific individual, addresses, credit card number and other details will never be disclosed.

Some personal information we collect from you and how we use it?

Making a reservation : We require some basic details about any individual/organization such as name, credit card number and expiration date, credit card billing address, email and other miscellaneous information. This information we need for transaction and reservation also we keep updating you with latest transaction status. In case of booking for more than one individual we need the information of those people also.

Member profile : We need to know some basic things for reservations. What is your name? Your mailing address, credit card details, whether you are frequent traveller or not? Food likings etc. They will be kept secret and not pass to any third party.


Cookies : When you enter our site, a permanent cookie file will be saved in your hard drive. You have option to disable the cookie system but we advise you not do that as cookies help to access many travel services by us. The cookies have stored some previous information when you entered the site. Cookies are not only helpful for proper functioning of a website but also it use to place ads by third- party advertisements. The companies with the help of cookies track down the frequency of the users and based on that they decide the advertising rate and other technical details.

Computer information : We collect some technical information about your web browser and also the IP address and operating system for security reasons. For wireless users we strongly recommend you to check with your subscriber and provide us the information to mark you out.
Why we collect personal profiles on our members when they book?
Convenience and speed : To stop giving details each time when you enter our site, we keep your account information. This makes the process convenient and speedy.

Credit card information : Credit card details are necessary for reservation. However, we never leak any details to anyone and not use for any other purpose. Details are absolutely confidential.

Links : Websites are link to other different sites. We are not responsible private policies of other sites. This privacy statement enforces exclusively to information collected by Rangmahal, Jaisalmer


  1. The Swimming pool is exclusively for Hotel Guests.

  2. Hours of Pool operation are from 8.00 am to 07.00 pm (winter) and 08.00 am to 08.00 pm (summer)

  3. No Children are allowed to Swim


  5. Use of an infant life vest is encouraged

  6. Diving and Running is not permitted.

  7. Pool users are requested to maintain decorum at all times.

  8. Persons under the influence of alcohol/drugs are not allowed to use the Pool and garden.

  9. Kindly keep all valuables in the lockers provided, management cannot be held liable for loss of any valuables or other personal property left at the swimming pool premises.

  10. All swimming Pool payments should be settled at the Club reception before using the facility.

  11. People with long hair must wear a Swimming cap.

  12. For Hygiene reasons, all persons are requested to take a shower before using Swimming Pool facility.

  13. Food and Beverages from outside the Hotel is not allowed in the Pool garden.

  14. Pets, attendants, drivers, servants or associates are not permitted in the swimming pool premises. Persons suffering from any disease are not permitted to use the Swimming Pool.

  15. These rules and regulations are subject to change any time without notice.

  16. Guests swim at their own risk and the Hotel will not be responsible for any injuries while using the Hotel facilities.

*Rights of Admission reserved with Hotel Management.

Appreciating the opportunity given to us to serve you and we assure you best of our services at all the times.
For any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to welcome you at Hotel Rang Mahal, Jaisalmer.